More than just a
debit card

Debit Mastercard® is a new generation of debit card that opens up a range of innovative options to you. It’s the direct way to pay for purchases and make cash withdrawals securely worldwide. And now for the first time in Switzerland you can even pay for your worldwide online shopping by debit card.

Good to know: the new Debit Mastercard® also lets you make contactless payments.

Paying online

The new Debit Mastercard now makes it possible to pay online:

  • conveniently and securely
  • in all online shops that accept Mastercard
  • and have the amount debited directly to your bank account
How to use the new Debit Mastercard when shopping online

Accepted worldwide

The new Debit Mastercard is welcome both at home and abroad, wherever Mastercard is accepted.

  • At over 43 million points of sale
  • Online shopping
  • Cash withdrawals

Cash withdrawals

With the Debit Mastercard you can make cash withdrawals at ATMs worldwide, wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Contactless payment

Quick, convenient and secure: wherever you see the contactless symbol, you can use the new Debit Mastercard to make paying even easier. For amounts up to CHF 40 you don’t even need to enter your PIN code. Simply hold your card up to the payment terminal. That’s it!

Mobile payment

Use your Android smartphone like your Debit Mastercard to make payments conveniently and securely. When you want to pay, simply hold your smartphone up to the contactless terminal. Activate this new feature under «Mobile Pay» in the VisecaOne app.

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The VisecaOne digital customer portal offers you lots of practical services 24/7. For example, you can conveniently check all your transactions and account settings.

Use VisecaOne to also check and approve online payments that apply the 3D-Secure standard. VisecaOne is also available as a mobile app for your smartphone or Apple Watch.
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Your Debit Mastercard® – convenient and secure

How does the Debit Mastercard work?

How to use your Debit Mastercard when shopping online?

Apply for a Debit Mastercard® now!

Paying online
Cash withdrawals at any ATM
Contactless payment
Accepted worldwide at
43 million points of sale
VisecaOne – digital customer portal

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FAQ – frequently asked questions & answers

Find out everything you need to know about the new Debit Mastercard® cards. The most frequently asked questions are shown here along with the answers.

With the Debit Mastercard, purchases you make online and at points of sale anywhere in the world can now be paid for conveniently without cash. Moreover, your Debit Mastercard is also equipped with the contactless feature and lets you make cash withdrawals at ATMs worldwide.

Select “Credit card” (or “Mastercard”) as your mode of payment. (The reason for this is that most online vendors are still in the process of correctly integrating “Debit” as an option in the list of payment modes.) Enter the 16-digit debit card number, the card expiry date and the 3-digit card security number of your Debit Mastercard.

You can use your Debit Mastercard wherever Mastercard is accepted.

In VisecaOne you can view all the transactions you make with your Debit Mastercard.

The fees vary according to product and bank. A detailed overview of the fees is therefore provided by your bank.

For information about your Debit Mastercard, please contact your bank or Viseca directly. Both phone numbers are printed on your card.

Yes, the Debit Mastercard card can be registered for VisecaOne and TWINT. However, currently, only Android devices are compatible with VisecaOne. Viseca Card Services SA, as the card issuer for its shareholder and partner banks, does not currently offer Apple Pay or Samsung Pay payment services.